Contact Information

Waterloo Computing is an Austin-based company.

Office Location:
Waterloo Computing, L.L.C.
1512 West 35th Street Cutoff, Suite 200
Austin, TX 78731

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Tel: 512.374.1791
Fax: 512.480.9451

If there is a problem with the website please contact the Webmaster.

Live Support

If a Waterloo Computing technician has requested that you initiate
a live support session, please click the link below and choose "Open" or "Run."
The live support utility will configure itself* and then notify
the technician the connection is ready.

Show My PC Now

*Depending on the security settings of your computer,
you may have to 'go through' a few more security warnings.

A Waterloo Computing technician must be awaiting your connection request,
this utility does not open a support ticket.

Our remote support utility is powered by and does not leave
anything installed on your computer. Once the connection is closed no
part of the software is left running.

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